Tips To Keep The Hosting Account Safe From The Hackers

December 4, 2012 by Will Smith
Tips To Keep The Hosting Account Safe From The Hackers
A good hosting company is so much important because the speed of your website and everything else depend on the hosting server but not on the domain registration company. So you need to choose the best website hosting company for your website and should not buy any slow server. When the traffic of your website is reaching the sky then you should get the private server for it because the shared package will not be enough at that time. What is the shared package and what is VPS is given below.

The shared package means when a lot of websites or the domain name will use the same server. For this reason, the website can be slow and might not be able to enjoy all of the features of the website. Since a lot of websites will have the same server to access it becomes easy for the hackers to hack into the hosting account of any website and then they hack all of the documents. So it is suggested to keep the backup of every hosted file. Some of the companies offer this service but sometimes you may need to do this alone by yourself by using your favourite FTP client application. E-commerce web hosting must be secured and must not be same as the shared package.

How to keep all of the files of your hosting account safe from the hackers?  At first of all you need to make sure that the password of your hosting site and the domain name registration is not same. Your hosting account may get hacked but your domain name will not be if you keep the password different. So do not use the same password. Once you have the passwords ready, try to get the secure socket layer service. This will help the users of your website and also you to enter in your website securely. You will only enter the login information when you see the htpps in front of your domain name. And also the users will be automatically redirected to htpps when they are entering something important data like credit card information or login information. Some e-commerce web hosting companies offer SSL services free for one year.

So you have the different passwords for different sites and also you have the SSL service ready for one year, what is the next tactic to keep the website safe from the hackers? Some of the hackers may hack your website’s information such as the codes and the media files by hacking the security of the website hosting company site that you are using.

It is really too important to keep the backup of all of the data because at any time you may lose all of the data and then you cannot get any of your data back to you. You should keep the backup on your PC.  Sometimes people make the great mistake by keeping the backup in the same-hosted account. You should keep in mind that when you are losing the control over your account then you cannot use those backup files too. So keep your e-commerce web hosting secured by suing the all-latest tactics.

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