Truly Dedicated Resources with VPS Hosting: RAM, CPU, and More

December 15, 2011 by Tim Attwood
Choosing the right hosting option is very important to ensure one`s website remains accessible at all times. Relying on virtual private servers will help extract maximum value out of your hosting service without spending a small fortune. A VPS server offers more bang for the buck because you enjoy more options, more resources, and more customizations without spending a lot of money. Need more RAM? You can easily specify your requirements and can ensure that the VPS server is modified to operate at maximum efficiency.

Relying on VPS resources online will help you find out that a virtual private server is the closest you can come to having a dedicated server without spending a lot of money. The VPS server will function like a dedicated server with the only difference being that the server is a virtual one set up with many other virtual machines on a single physical server. This means that you can specify your RAM, hard disk and even processor requirements in advance and can ensure these VPS resources are always available irrespective of the traffic received by other websites on the same server.

There was a time when ensuring minimum downtime was considered good enough. Today, web users have become used to high speed surfing. This means that a website filled with Flash, audio, video and other such bandwidth intensive content will automatically require more computing resources to ensure the loading time remains as low as possible. Users are not going to spend time waiting for a slow website to load. They will simply move on to some other website that runs quickly.

Going in for a VPS server can make a huge difference during peak business seasons like Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas. Online shoppers may simply flood your website and you may end up with a crashed website representing loss of opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars through online sales. Virtual private servers will help ramp up capacity in a short period of time. You simply have to provide the necessary instructions to the hosting company and the extra RAM, hard disk space and even processing power will be added to your account.

You can also choose the OS for the server according to your special requirements. The world may be moving towards a Linux-based server OS but you may find it essential to rely on a Windows-based server. In such a scenario, you can easily customize the choice of OS on a VPS server and use the OS you want without any difficulty.

You can also go in for a different distribution of the Linux OS depending on your requirements. The same logic applies to the various software applications that can be installed on the server for your customers. From mobile apps to niche software applications, you can provide these solutions to your customers irrespective of whether they are very common or not. The best part is that these options and customizations can be carried out without making any physical changes to the server.

Securing your e-commerce website on a shared server can become a problem if no other site collects private information or credit card details. You can optimize your VPS server to ensure maximum resources are available for server at all times. You will enjoy the freedom to deploy your choice of security solutions and can customize default ports and other details as frequently as you want.

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