Which Type Of Web Hosting Is Best For Your Needs?

October 31, 2012 by Will Smith
Which Type Of Web Hosting Is Best For Your Needs?
If you all are ready to get into the preparation mode to create an online store, it is easy to get confused with a plethora of available options and thousands of web hosting providers making a claim to be your partner for hosting. This is where a clear understanding of how to identify the right web host and package comes into the picture.

When it comes to selecting the best hosting plan, most of us are either unaware of the benefits and limitations of available options, but feel that hosting is just another thing that don't need your attention. It is very important to note here that the success, performance, visibility, and acceptability of your online business is only as good as the web hosting package selected by you and unless you spend quality time in choosing the best type of hosting for the specific requirements of your business, the complete peace of mind will always elude you.

To choose the best among all available options, it is first important for you to know a few things about different types of hosting -- Dedicated, Shared, Windows, Linux, Virtual, or Cloud hosting.

While dedicated hosting is all about having the complete control of a physical web server where a site is hosted and the option of hosting multiple domains or a single website, it comes at a high price and considered to be best suited for big companies or those with big hosting budget. Shared hosting, on the other hand, is about sharing server resources and space with other sites; it is one of the cheapest types of hosting and also the most commonly-used.

Virtual hosting is all about getting a website hosted on a virtual machine that is running in a shared server wherein every machine has an independent operating system and uses the shared resources of a single web server and is considered to be a good option for those who want to eliminate the weaknesses of dedicated and shared website hosting. While Windows-based hosting is an expensive but feature-rich option, Linux-based hosting is commonly preferred by most hosting buyers as it considerably cut down on the associated costs as the cost of distribution is borne by the host or owner and considered to be more secure than Windows hosting. In short, the final decision of which type of web hosting is ideal for you depends solely on your requirements, preferences, and budget.

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