12 Online Tools that Simplify Recruitment for Web Hosting Companies

June 6, 2016 by Staff Writer
12 Online Tools that Simplify Recruitment for Web Hosting Companies
Businesses that are trying to find technical expertise and particular skill sets can find themselves hunting far and wide for the right people. Regardless of which industry you are in, recruitment is a great drain on time and resources, but for industries like web hosting, it can be even more so.

While the ‘old school’ approach of advertising locally for staff in newspapers and magazines is for some industries still very useful, for others, it is virtually redundant. In many respects headhunting has become the norm these days, and unless a company can afford the costs related to agencies carrying out this type of work for them, headhunting is generally the responsibility of a company’s executives - and a very, very time consuming pursuit.

Of course, LinkedIn is going to be your primary headhunting tool. Very few people have LinkedIn accounts to circulate videos of kittens - almost everyone that uses the site is involved in or looking for business. Of course, you can just put your position up on LinkedIn to see what comes back, but the best people are found by looking through their profiles. Additionally, looking at people’s posts gives you an immediate feel for the type of people they are.

And, of course, if you have the patience to ignore the kitten videos, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the wealth of other social networks can yield results.

The fact is though, wading through LinkedIn and Facebook means you are not concentrating on core competencies, and that could impact your bottom line. Fortunately, as with most aspects of business, there are now a large number of online tools that are dedicated to helping your pursuit of the best person for your job and encourage them to stay once they are a part of your company.

Here then, in no particular order, are some of the best online tools to help your recruitment drive:

1. HireIQ

It’s ok looking at profiles and having discussions with team members – how do you REALLY know if the people you choose are actually suitable? HireIQ offers tools that ensure the people you choose have the ability to think in a fashion that will allow them to be successful in your job. HireIQ offers assessments that determine a candidate’s suitability, meaning you spend less on ineffective hires.

2. Namely

Namely is a cloud solution that addresses a range of employment-related issues (salary payments, etc.) and specializes in enabling new members of staff to quickly get up to speed as far as the new company they are working for is concerned. It also offers automated onboarding that enables new employees to complete HR requirements as quickly as possible. Once settled in, Namely offers social media-like newsfeeds that provide new recruits with information on company news and changes.

3. Homerun

Homerun is another solution that has a focus on helping teams work more efficiently. As with other solutions, companies can set up job websites to attract qualified people using Homerun. Once advertised, the solution offers an interface that allows team members to evaluate prospective employees and ensure everyone’s views are circulated to each of the recruitment team members.

4. SAP SuccessFactors

German multinational software corporation SAP threw its hat into the recruitment ring with SuccessFactors – a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution housed in the cloud. Alongside recruitment tools SuccessFactors offers onboarding tools that ensure a successful candidate’s move to your company is as issue-free as possible. SuccessFactors also allows teams to post jobs to employment websites and features an analytics tool that helps companies make decisions on maximizing their recruitment processes.

5. EmployInsight

While new staff have to have the skills they need to do their jobs, they also need a range of soft skills that will allow them to be successful within their roles. EmployInsight looks at these issues by providing insights into a prospective candidates’ psychological and cognitive makeup to establish whether he or she will thrive in a position.

6. The Applicant Manager Software

The Applicant Manager Software – also known as ‘TAM’ – targets smaller companies with a cloud-based recruitment solution that offers ‘pre-screening’ tools to make recruitment faster. It also helps teams view applications and share information between team members to ensure everyone is at the same stage of the recruitment process.

7. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is another cloud-based tool that enables teams to manage every aspect of recruitment. With Greenhouse team members can work together to establish staffing requirements. Once established it posts details to a number of websites specializing in advertising jobs. Greenhouse helps manage all aspects of recruitment, from organizing interviews to making a decision on who to choose for a job.

8. Tasytt

Tasytt is another cloud-based solution that focuses on when staff are onboard and eases their socialization into a new organization. Tasytt makes a game of new employees learning everything they need to work in your organization, going as far as awarding ‘points’ for their responses to onboarding tasks.

9. HireRight

While on paper certain candidates might be ideal for your position, their backgrounds might make them unsuitable. HireRight is a tool dedicated to ensuring potential employees are properly screened before joining a company. It looks at issues such as criminal records to establish a genuinely clear picture of who you might be employing.

10. Workable

There is a new breed of passive job seekers that like to see what comes to them rather than actively pumping out CVs. Workable helps companies source possible recruits lurking in LinkedIn and other social media. Once found, it helps steer teams towards finding the most suitable candidates by allowing collaboration between recruitment team members. As with other solutions, Workable allows companies to set up successful job websites.

11. HROnboard

Once you have selected the right candidate there is a maze of issues that need to be addressed to ensure a smooth transition to becoming an employee. Another cloud solution, HROnboard makes a new hire’s move to a full member of staff as effortless as possible. It offers a portal that merges with you HR function to manage the documentation new employees have to deal with.

12. Lever

One of the worst things about recruiting staff is the number of people who need to give input on a prospective employee. Countless meetings mean lost productivity. Lever helps make the recruitment process more effective by providing a single interface where prospective recruits can be sourced and vetted. Based in the cloud rather than on your hard drive, Lever manages the whole recruitment process - from setting up a job website for your company to managing interviews. Going through the process your team can make comments to each other and interact on the suitability of a prospective employee.

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