Utilizing Online Surveys as a Tool for Promotions

July 13, 2012 by R. Mia
Utilizing Online Surveys as a Tool for Promotions
A lot of companies have tapped into the popularity of the social media when it comes to promoting their products and services online. Aside from the official website, businesses are now creating accounts and actively participating in several social networking websites where people can easily connect to them. As your gain followers and friends on these websites, the important thing is to have the right target audience.

The numbers are a good indicator but these should turn into prospective clients that are curious about your offers and can possibly turn into profits.

One way to use the social as a means to find out about the public’s perception and expectations from your company is through online surveys. This provides a company with an insight about what their target audience thinks and if they have any suggestions and recommendations that can make the business better. The key here is to stir their curious minds and get them to answer a few survey questions.

Here are some tips to help you conduct an online survey:

1. Keep your questions short and direct to the point. Most online readers browse several sites at one time and seeing a long text could make them lose their interest. Make sure that questions are well-written, free from any grammar errors and easy to understand.
2. Focus on the topic. If the survey is to find out about what the audience thinks about your newly launched product, then avoid asking about other topics on your survey questions.
3. Use keywords that will get the audience excited. How about a little freebie or a small reward as a token of appreciation after taking the survey? Everyone likes some free stuff so this is a sure way to get your readers to answer the survey.
4. Provide a brief background or description about the company and what the survey is all about. Give the readers an idea as to why you need the information and what benefits will it provide them in the future. Most service oriented businesses conduct surveys to know what their customers think about their performance. In this case, assure them that feedback and suggestions will be carefully reviewed in order to come up with better solutions for existing issues.

Lastly, remember to always conduct your online surveys in a professional manner. There are several online tools that can help in making sure that the survey is done in the right manner.

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