Why Cloud Hosting Would Help Improve the Reliability of Your Online Business?

May 3, 2011 by Priya Khopade
Online business is the most important & successful for most of the businesses. There are various ways you connect to your customers through online platforms available like social networking sites, various discussion portals, & especially your website. If your earnings are through online business, you must make it most striking for your customers to be visited by them frequently & to hold them on it through interactive content. To make most out of your online business, you can fairly rely on cloud hosting.

Factually, cloud hosting is much similar to the widespread choice of many businesses – shared hosting. The only difference is that cloud hosting is improved & large scale implementation than shared hosting. Instead of companies hosting multiple separate clients and web sites on a single physical machine, cloud hosting allows them to host a virtually unlimited number of sites and client accounts on any number of physical servers which are interconnected to each other in cluster. Due to making use of such clusters, downtime is practically impossible – as an error on one node will signify another server is contacted instead. There are number of nodes in a cluster, which reduces chances of downtime at zero and your customer can enjoy your site visit without interruptions which imparts you great reliability and flexibility in cloud hosting.

When you are using other online popular sites such as Facebook, Digg or Twitter, it shows sudden increase in traffic visiting landing page of your site. This situation becomes difficult in shared hosting or even dedicated hosting as their account has gone past the allocated resources limit or the server simply crashed due to overload. This could be avoided by choosing the right type in cloud hosting which suits your business needs. In cloud hosting, you can always increase and decrease the amount of resources allocated to your sites within minutes with hardly any limits.

Due to the mere flexibility of choosing resources & upgrading to cloud has become more popular among online businesses. Even the costs are really low compared to other hosting options. Upgrading size is easy with cloud computing as it is simply adding more computers to the cluster to meet the upgrade needs. If you are thinking about security of data being shared between many servers, using cloud hosting is still safe and reliable for your online business.

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