Why Does Your Company Require Professional Email Hosting?

October 7, 2022 by Staff Writer
Why Does Your Company Require Professional Email Hosting?

Why Does Your Company Require Professional Email Hosting?


Emails are associated with major providers such as Google, Yahoo and are limitless in terms of storage. However, when we deal with businesses, they all have different requirements since emails play a significant role in daily operations.

While host providers can provide free versions, many businesses enjoy using email services in their daily operations. Email hosting services are emails managed by dedicated or separated mail servers.

So, the big question is what your company requires from professional email hosting. Let’s find out in this article!

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service that allows you to send and receive emails on a server that an organization provides. This service usually includes additional functionalities such as template usage, folder creation, file transfers, etc.

An advantage of email hosting is that you can freely set up your address on your site’s domain. Additionally, it gives you complete control over your data and is considered a more reliable option than other platforms.

How does it work?

With email hosting, you get several solutions you can use to leverage your business. This includes security authentications, managing your user domain names, and much more.

The email hosting server acts as a trusted link between the person receiving your email and your email server. Whenever you send out an email, it will get routed between two servers, which will deliver the smoothness of your email. Doing this increases your email security and reduces the chance of spam and catching a virus.

So, email hosting services provide an extra level of security; this is especially important when you send over important information to reduce any risk of a data breach. SEON’s article dives deeper into data breaches and thoroughly explains how you can help verify users.

In addition, email hosting services seek to encrypt your email message and ensure that no unauthorized third party has access to it.

Email hosting services will seek to grant you better uptime. Therefore, you can avoid any communication errors and communicate much faster. This is an important trait for businesses that regularly share with customers needing immediate attention.

Benefits of email hosting services

Quick support

Professional email hosting services don’t let you worry about your problems with your emails because they already handle everything. Hosting providers know how hard it’s to manage emails, so they’ll seek to offer 24/7 support that is fast and efficient.

Time and resource efficiency

If you want to benefit immensely from email hosting services, you save time and resources that you can dedicate to your emails. In addition, a professional business dealing with email hosting services prevents you from needing additional staff or enough time to focus on your email accounts.

Improving brand consistency

Brand consistency is an important trait a business needs to have. Unfortunately, using free and professional email hosting providers isn’t the same. Not only will professional services make you look more professional, but they’ll also reduce potential confusion with your clients and customers.

Connects email addresses

Especially when you form your email address for your entire business, people will have support, information, and even individual emails. Business email hosting ensures all emails benefit from the same professionalism. It’s super easy to add staff email addresses at any time as well.

Improves email security

Generally speaking, email hosting services provide much more security than the other alternatives. So, email hosting services will allow you to stay safe from potential threats such as spam and viruses, ensuring your inbox is entirely secure. Therefore, it gives you time to relax, knowing that your personal information is safe!

Expands storage space

Storage is one of the most common issues businesses have to go through with free email hosting. Unlike other personal accounts, business emails are important, and it’s not easy to delete them. However, business email hosting allows you to solve this problem and provide additional email storage.

Why should you consider using email hosting?

Email hosting is composed of two important factors:

Nevertheless, a powerful brand identity is something important to have in this fast-paced online world. With most businesses going digital, it will take more than your product or service to hit new records. Customers will only want to work with companies they trust and recognize.

Above all, customers prioritize security and all values that complete it. Email communication has strengthened email communication and taken over traditional communication methods. So, you must make their communication safe and secure, no matter how much sensitive information is involved.

Doing this will not only help you build credibility and reliability, but it’ll also ensure all emails are fully protected and encrypted.

Email hosting helps you stand out from competitors

It’s never a good idea to use free accounts for your business. However, that’s quite common amongst most people. Business domain emails can help you differentiate yourself from companies that still follow this practice.

Using a free email account is never a good practice, so this is a good indicator of how seriously you take your business. In some cases, users who see these generic emails will consider moving on to a different company; in this case, you are the one if you avoid using free email accounts.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation is an important factor in business. For example, Mcdonald’s brand logo is only recognized by almost everyone the first second they see it. Therefore, if your business’s name is connected to your domain name, your brand’s reputation power itself levels up.

Every single person who sees your brand’s name, whether on your site, social media post, or anywhere else, directly contributes to the company’s existence. After all, that’s the initial step before any customer becomes loyal and a long-term contributor to your product and service. So, it’s an essential step regarding your brand’s reputation.

Your brand’s reputation will always be one of the most valuable tools in your business. As we took an example with Mcdonald’s, we mentioned that everyone recognizes it by its logo, so you must ensure your brand identity is based somewhere. Maybe it might be your name, logo, product or service, etc.

So, having said all of this, it’s not the best idea for business owners to follow generic email addresses, as they miss out on powerful opportunities.


Privacy is the crucial factor customers pay vast attention to. If you violate anyone’s privacy, they will be looking for other services. For instance, Google and Microsoft have free services, and privacy is something you give up.

However, it’s not the same story when your web host collects and stores your business email. So, you ask yourself, where would you keep your company’s email? Will it be on a server that doesn't give you any control, or would it be on a paid server that ultimately secures it? Of course, your privacy is better protected with the paid server.


If you initially wanted to set up a free business account with Google, but after you change your mind and choose to go with Microsoft, you’ll need to inform all of your customers about these changes. We all know that not all of your customers will be able to see the update you made, so you’ll most likely lose these customers once you leave them unresponded to your older email address.

A business domain email address won’t have this problem because it’s portable. Therefore, you can choose whether to switch to another web hosting provider, so you can take your domain’s email address with you because you own the domain name.

How can you create a professional email address?

When setting up your professional email address, remember what will come before the @ and what comes after it. After your @, it’s apparent that you need to mention your business domain name. So, in this case, it would be @yourcompanýs name.com.

However, what comes before that?

When starting a business, you need to make sure you have multiple business emails. Your business will have numerous departments, so you need to aim to have one for each position. With this method, you are demonstrating to your customers that you are careful with your work and carefully manage your departments.

For instance, if you want to set up your email address in the business, it should be something with your first and last name. For example, Johnharry@yourcompany’s name.com.

Avoid using any emails, including your hierarchy. For example, owner@yourcompany’s.com. This isn’t professional and doesn’t seem right.

So, you got the whole point. Your email should be based on the department you are in and the name in it.


In summary, professional email hosting is a better way of managing your emails. Especially if time is not on your side, it’s a great service to consider. Also, the host you choose will greatly determine the quality of your email hosting, so keep in mind to carefully analyze who you choose.

Keep following the right steps, and you will be on the right track!

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