Why Server Speed is Important for Increasing Revenues

December 23, 2014 by Tom Beck
Why Server Speed is Important for Increasing Revenues
If your website loads slower and takes long to respond you are literally killing your sales and revenue with your own hands. Today, the key to more sales and conversion is the combination of effective content with faster loading speed of your website. The speed of your website is the time taken from a web page to become visible on the screen after it has been requested by the browser.

The latest surveys showed that loading speed of websites has a great impact on the traffic trends. The speed of the website has a great importance, a slow website could easily frustrate your potential customers forever.

A slow website reflects low revenue

Often the slower websites have high bounce rates with poor sales. A number of studies have proven that the average visitors will leave your website if it does not become accessible in 3 to 6 seconds. Slower website is not only a reason to decrease your sales but the frustrated visitors are likely to develop a negative perception about your business.

Does Speed of the website can increase the revenue?

Did you know the world popular brand Shopzilla generated 12% more revenue by simply improving the website speed from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds?

It is no more a secret that google records the web page speed to determine the ranking of the website along with other organic ranking factors. You can check the speed of your pages by inspecting the Google webmaster tools.

According to latest calculated formula you can improve 2% of conversion rate by simply speeding up the website by every single second. Shopzilla , Amazon, Yahoo and Mozilla experienced a great boost in business by speeding up the loading speed of the web pages to less than 3 seconds.

Shopzilla increased 12% revenue along with 25% increased page views
Yahoo got a 9% increase in the traffic
Mozilla got 60 million more downloads by simply improving the web page speed to 2.2 seconds faster

How fast is fast enough for a web page?

The ideal loading time of a website is under 3 seconds. If your website becomes visible in 5 seconds it seems to be good. If it is under 10 seconds it is considered to be as fair. However if your website exceeds 10 seconds you are losing the ranking and conversion. The slower your website is the less sales you will have.

There are several performance metric tools available to report the performance of your website speed along with web page improvement suggestions. You can optimize the structure of your code to get faster responses. However you certainly need hosting power to execute your application quickly to load your website faster.

Choose fast dedicated server for faster website

The speed of a website mainly depends on the architecture of your web pages, databases and the speed of hosting servers. Going with the right kind of web hosting could make or break your website ranking. Shared hosting and dedicated hosting are two major types of hosting service available online. Shared service has a low price with low resources available. Shared hosting is designed to deliver small websites with low traffic. Dedicated hosting is an expensive option with more power and performance.

Businesses are adapting dedicated server technology for more speed and power. All sorts of critical online businesses can reap the benefit of fast powerful dedicated hosting. Server speed may be the issue if your website resides on one of the cheapest shared or vps hosting service holding hundreds of websites. Shared hosting can not offer you the true speed and reliability as its resources are shared by many websites hosted on the same computer. If you have a business website, mobile application or a professional service website, fast dedicated hosting can make a difference in search engine ranking.

Below are some great advantages of dedicated hosting for faster website.

Your website will load faster

The dedicated server is a powerful machine designed and configured to execute the processes in fastest manners. Dedicated hosting has more reliable infrastructure, bandwidth and resources as compared to any other type of hosting service. Dedicated hosting enables your website to execute faster and tremendously increase the loading speed of your website.

Your website will be more secure

Another great advantage of dedicated hosting is the safety of your business data. Usually hackers break into the websites by locating a poorly coded website hosted nearby on shared hosting environment. If you have hammer tested your code for common vulnerabilities you can easily lock down your server for better security and data safety.

Your website will handle more traffic

If you have a popular website or advertising your business you may experience sudden traffic spikes at certain times. Dedicated server enables you to tackle high load without going down. If you have optimized your code and server you are in a better position to handle your website traffic faster and smoothly.

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