Why You Shouldn't Believe in the Term Unlimited Bandwidth

July 26, 2012 by R. Mia
Why You Shouldn't Believe in the Term Unlimited Bandwidth
When a web host company offers a variety of features that might seem to be too good to be true then you might wan to take a step back and carefully examine the fine print before signing up on any offer. The problem with most customers who are in search of a web host provider is the lack of knowledge about this specific industry. Web hosting is a broad subject and since companies are also trying to make money through their services which is why promotional and advertising campaigns are formulated in order to get the target market curious about what the company offers.

The term Unlimited Bandwidth is often used by several web hosting companies as part of their promotional strategy. It is very catchy and guarantees to stir the curious minds of individuals that are hoping to get the best web host deal. But is it really possible to offer an unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth? The first step towards understanding this matter is by knowing the definition of some terms. Bandwidth is often referred to as the total amount of data transfer either being downloaded or uploaded to a server during a specified period of time.

In simple terms, someone could easily interpret the term unlimited bandwidth as having the capacity to perform data transfers without any restrictions at anytime. The truth is that web host providers work on a limited amount of resources such as disk space and bandwidth that they will need to distribute to their clients in order to meet their demands. This means that to offer something that is “unlimited” one must also hold a vast amount of resources with no boundaries and no restrictions. This is highly impossible especially in the web hosting industry.

The reality lies in the fine print of the Terms of Contract that customers should take time to read. Most companies that advertise such promotional offers often allow customers to use a specific amount of bandwidth and once you exceed the option is to terminate the service or you can opt to sign up to their advanced package that may offer more perks such as greater amount of disk space but will definitely cost a lot too. This becomes a problem especially once your website starts to generate a good amount of web traffic. As you need additional bandwidth and disk space, the web host provider might say that you have exceeded the allowable amount and this could lead to the termination of the service.

So don’t forget the number one rule before you sign up for any web host contract: read the fine print.

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