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Welcome to 130Hosting.net,

your partner for anonymous and secure web space.
We offer professional web hosting in different packages.

We’re neither a company nor society. We’re a community of interest, aims to make information available to everyone. We have no gains, as the money is invested in servers and infrastructure. The staff of 130Hosting.net are all working as volunteers for this project.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right which is denied in too many countries, unfortunately. Therefore, we want to bring our contribution, so that you can also publish your opinion, free of any kind of censorship.

To establish this, we offer you the opportunity to operate your website completely anonymous. For a complete anonymity, there have to be two sides. Which is why we neither want your personal data nor will give you our. Our customers trusting and rely on absolute discretion and therefore we will not mention any references. A few customers feedback comments can be found on the feedback page. Of course, we are happy when our customers or supporters put banners and text links on their sites linking to us. Please have a short look into our banner page.

You might be wondering why we’re the right hosting partner for you?

We already have 15 years experience with hosting and run of uncomfortable and critical websites. We fight for your opinion! So many times, stones have thrown infront of our feets, but we never gave up and never will do .

English and german support!

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