B3 Hosting

B3 Hosting

B3 Technology SRL

Address: Intr. Reconstructiei, nr. 6
Bucharest 031724

Phone:0769577040 Fax:N/A
B3 Hosting is a Romanian startup company created in 2019 with the sole purpose of becoming #1 Romanian hosting provider in less than 5 years. We understand our statement is very bold, but so is our desire to make B3 Hosting stand out of the crowd.
We've recently developed a state-of-the-art datacenter in North of Bucharest in the best technological park in the country. With over 1000 brand new servers in our datacenter, we have one of the most modern and professional infrastructure in the country.
We have also partnered with over 12 huge international companies to colocate part of our servers in various countries in the world to meet the expectations of our clients. Therefore we can host any website in Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, United States and more, just like we host them in our own datacenter.

We're always looking to expand and we've looking to build strong relationships with partners from around the world, so if you're looking to partner with the next big hosting company in Romania, visit our website at https://b3hosting.ro or contact us at office@b3hosting.ro.

We're 24/7 at your service! Thank you!

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