Kramer Ceilley & Associates dba Colostore

Address: 746 S Arnold Street
South Bend IN 46619
United States

Phone:877.719.3698 Fax:800.341.0776
Colostore Data Center can deliver network services to your Internet customers with unparalleled performance through rock solid systems. We use Cisco Enterprise Networking equipment backed by a full multi-gigabit network. Our network is strategically located in the Midwest which gives equal network performance to East, West and Southern United States and Canada. We utilize several carriers meshed together through BGP (border gateway protocol) and can deliver connectivity to almost every major network backbone in under 5 milliseconds!

Our staff is ready to support your colocation and dedicated server services, 24 hours a day, providing you with the highest standards in network services. Our trained professional staff monitors and proactively tests each part of our network, power systems and environmental conditioning, to provide a peace of mind solution to our customers. Please browse through our product offerings and learn how we can help you with your colocation and dedicated server solutions.

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