Bucea Bogdan

Address: Via Carlo Casini 312
Roma 00126

Phone:0694.800.116 Fax:N/A
Standard protection for each rack: 16A, 32A, 63A, or more if necessary.
Power supply 380VAC, 230VAC, 48VDC.
Each rack has two separate power circuits. Installed power of 1.25 MW.
UPS and backup diesel generators.

Duration restart UPS 0.0001 Mps

Detection and extinguishing
system consists of detectors addressable fire detection (smoke and temperature). VESD aspiration system for early detection of smoke in collocation rooms and equipment room. Inert gas extinguishing system (INERGEN).
It is a mixture of natural gas normally present in the atmosphere - thus INERGEN gas does not contribute to global warming and has no impact on the ozone layer.

Biometric access control system (fingerprint scanning facial, fingerprint, code and card) ensure a high level of security.
Video monitoring system (3MP IP cameras) with internal circuit that monitors inside and outside, motion detectors, door open indicators, sensors flood, card access systems.
In routine inspections carried out by security agencies, include all points of entry / exit.

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