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South Africa

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All our servers are located in datacentres that have redundant uplink connections to major Internet backbones. They also have redundant power supplies and the usual fire suppression systems.

If you want more technical detail, feel free to contact us. Suffice to say, our servers aren't located in a budget facility, a home made-datacentre, or in a shed at the bottom of a garden somewhere.

Our hosting is LAMP-based (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl). We specialise in hosting for Joomla and WordPress-based sites, but you don't have to use Joomla or WordPress to use our service – it’s a robust platform for almost anything. You can have PHP 5.x, or PHP 7.x enabled on your account, and if you need something special, or a custom config, just ask us - we're happy to try and accomodate you.

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