Eskimo North

Eskimo North

Eskimo North, inc.

Address: P.O. Box 55816
Shoreline 0 98155-0816
United States

Phone:(206) 812-0051 Fax:(206) 812-0054
Eskimo North provides Linux Friendly Platform Independent
Internet Access and Hosting including ssh shell accounts.
Our web hosting is provided with current versions of Apache and CentOS Linux. A unique aspect of our offering is that we provide a full remote desktop with audio on a variety of different Linux platforms including CentOS, Scientific Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint with a variety of different windows managers. We provide a full suite of program development, web development, scientific, and office applications. We've been in business longer than the Internet has existed, starting as a BBS in 1982, a multi-line Unix timeshare service in 1985, and an Internet Service Provider in 1992, still under original ownership. You won't find telephone trees and script readers here, live knowledgeable human help instead. We provide the most flexible e-mail anywhere with shell mailers, web mailers, pop-3 and imap and all forms of encryption. Your secured home on the net!

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