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Fast Web Host is the fastest and most reliable way to host your websites. Our whole infrastructure is in the best European and US datacenters utilizing the latest cloud technologies for fast and secure web hosting.
We are extremely experienced and specialize in WordPress & Drupal hosting, since our founding team has been working with those platforms for more than a decade.
Of course, our dedicated SysAdmin team can host pretty much anything and get you the best performance you'll ever get from a host, without you needing to worry about the little technical details.
Prior to starting a dedicated hosting company we have built, optimized and hosted numerous websites for clients so we know exactly the pain points of a small medium business that operates a website or a small eshop.
That's why we created our famous All Inclusive Plan.
Our All Inclusive Plan is basically a website hosting & maintenance service that includes everything you might need in order to have a well performing website, always fast, always secure and updated.

Unlimited Hosting, Unlimited Optimizations, Unlimited Updates.

Some of the work that this plan includes are:
- CMS Updates
- Cloudflare setup & optimization
- Lockdown Operation
- Web Application Firewall
- Record Breaking Speeds
- Global Datacenters
- Constant Monitoring
- Unlimited Optimizations
- Multi-layered Caching

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