Vytautas Bernotas

Address: 2 Dublin Landings, North Dock, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1
Dublin D01 V4A3

Phone:+353 87 239 2318 Fax:N/A
All space. One place.

While others are offering you clouds or boxes, we think you deserve the whole space. And we didn’t need to invent a spaceship for that – we’ve just created Getspace – the place where you can get all space you need for you or your business.

In this digital era, safety should be guaranteed for everyone. We truly stand for that, offering you only those solutions that ensure your sensitive data protection.


We promised to give our customers the best, most innovative service on the market. We keep our promises. With diligent work and dedication, we came to Getspace. And we won’t stop.


Our mission is to change users’ habits to better ones. The ones that make a profit for our customers. The ones that save their time and money. The ones that are just… awesome.
We don’t stop. Every day we keep improving our services. Tracking and changing our previous solutions to better ones. We are breathing the ambition to be the best.

We’re globally local

Our offices are spread out all over the globe. And we keep growing. That ensures you the professional local customer service wherever you are. Enjoy your superb mother tongue!

Top level team

We hire the ambitious ones. The innovators. The ones who are curious about what is next. The ones who want to change things to better ones. And we couldn’t be happier with our team of bold ones!

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