Hostman, LLC

Address: 3639 Haven Ave
Menlo Park CA 94025
United States

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Hostman - cloud platform that deploys and scales your web applications.

Why Hostman?
- Saves developers lots of time, and businesses lots of money.
- Automates DevOps, with CI/CD out of the box.
- Hosts Static websites, Back-end applications, Docker containers, and Databases.
- Scales your application automatically within the limits you set up.
- Static websites or front-end apps are completely free.
- Free SSL certificate and global CDN out of the box.
- Transparent pricing with a pay-per-use model for back-end services.
- Host your application anywhere in the world - our service is global.
- We host your services on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Digital Ocean.
- Without vendor lock.
- 24/7/365 really quick chat support.
- Slack integration.

What Hostman does:
- Connects to your Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket repository and pulls the code.
- Installs all dependencies, builds the code, and notifies you via Slack or Email.
- Sets up web server configuration, installs SSL, and connects a blazing fast CDN.
- Scales your services as load increases to provide the best possible stability.
- Monitors activity on your Git repository and updates the service when you push the code.

Our clients are:
- Startups
- Software developers
- Product teams
- Agencies
Read about Hostman's use cases and testimonials:

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