Address: 23 Emmaus Street

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Company History

Infolad Ltd was founded in May 2004 and started as a web hosting business. After a few years of success, we integrated graphic design and web development into our business concept, following which we expanded over the years.

Who we are

Infolad Ltd is a private innovative company registered in the Rep. of Mauritius that encompasses IT consultancy services for small and medium businesses. Our service offering combines:

Hardware provisioning
Software & Operating Systems
Web Development, Graphic Design & Hosting

The company is headquartered in Coromandel, Mauritius.
Our Vision

As we move towards our goal of being a world class IT consultancy service provider, we look forward to provide a broader range of services and promote lean IT solutions to more businesses.

Mission Statement

We put our client needs first. We aspire to be a reliable and flexible partner focused on clients with complex needs. By considering their requirements, we empower our clients to make better decisions.

We continue to strive for high efficiency levels while being careful not to compromise on growth or reputation.

We provide competitive rates. Thanks to our effective project planning, we can proudly assure that deadlines are always met.

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