MassiveGRID Ltd.

Address: 335 Madison Avenue
NYC NY 10017
United States

Phone:+1 646-741-0105 Fax:N/A
MassiveGRID (“MG”) is a global high-end Service Provider, with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the fields of high-availability service hosting, turn-key customized service solution and development.

MG can offer, among other services, the following:

- High Availability Infrastructures with no single point of failure on all levels and layers (hardware, networking, up-links, etc.)
- Data center redundancy by utilizing state-of-the-art campuses
- Around-the-clock technical support through our 24/7 support team, which is also backed-up via on-site "Smart Hands"/"Remote Hands"
- Around-the-clock cybersecurity monitoring with DDoS & firewall protection, intrusion detection & prevention, malware elimination and web application firewall protection
- Integrations with Software Systems, Platforms, IoT and the Industrial Sector

High Availability Cloud Servers
High Availability Cloud Dedicated Servers
High Availability Private Cloud
Bare Metal Dedicated Servers
Private IT Infrastructure
Colocation Services
Support Plans
Backup Services
High Availability Storage
Microsoft CSP Licensing

We offer:
100% Uptime SLA
99.9999% Data Center Uptime
Instant Activation
Free Software Installation*
Free Server Migration*
Free DDoS Protection*

Please visit for details*

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