Address: Chapman Rd, 256
Newark DE 19702
United States

Phone:+1 302 451 9209 Fax:N/A
The company METAYOTA offers dedicated servers, virtual servers, web spaces.

The users get access to the METAYOTA editor which allows the users to add web spaces or order servers. The company supports the users with a lot of components and tools to build their website!

With the so called full-stack components the users can build their website by installing for example a contact form, or a guestbook including the required database tables, design definitions, PHP code, etc.

All meta-data is stored into a flat structure for all possible resources a user could need for his website! Like the title and name of a tag, the access rights for scripts and data, the design, the code, etc.

The online editor allows you to editor source code of your app!

All web spaces run with Apache, PHP (imagemagick, and many packages installed etc.), MySQL including phpMyAdmin, a mail server (POP, IMAP), etc.

All web spaces run on powerful servers in the United States and Germany with SSD and have a low amount of users per server (max. 100).

The METAYOTA editor is able to create fully programmable software applications! It is easy to use and productive!

There is a lot of documentation available and tutorials to use your webspace.

The company has no own data center but orders the servers at well known data centers.

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