Owned-Networks LLC

Address: 1603 Capitol Ave. Suite #310
WY 82001
United States

Phone:1(786) 67111877 Fax:N/A
"We have been in the web hosting industry since 2005, initially with quality web and email hosting; in 2013 we started offering quality VPS and dedicated servers at incredible prices; we know how fast technology evolves so we try to keep up. Our intention is to keep our prices low while maintaining a high level of service that can be trusted, our clients only need to worry about the operation of their businesses, they can trust us with their 1s and 0s.
We offer services in Dallas, Texas, in Lenoir, North Carolina, in Los Angeles, California, in Seattle, Washington, in New York City, New York, in Miami, Florida, Amsterdam & now in London, UK; we will soon be expanding to other cities in the US and Europe, based on our clients' needs.
We offer English, French and Spanish support."

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