ratiokontakt, Ltd.

Address: 1101 Brickell Avenue
South Tower, 8th Floor
Miami FL 33131
United States

Phone:(305)504-7000 Fax:(305)504-8000
ratiokontakt is an IT Hosting and Cloud Services company focused on providing businesses with quality, reliable and individualized IT solutions, all at a great value. Along with its parent company in Germany, we offer some of the greatest experience in the industry, approaching our third decade of service. Our product portfolio includes:
• Managed/Dedicated Servers
• Public and Private Cloud Solutions
• Web-/Shop-Hosting
• Domains
• Email and Archiving Solutions
• Data Center Services
• IT Security, including SSLs, Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems
• Internet Consulting

We offer our services in Germany and the US, with offices and data centers in both locations. This gives businesses, especially with a multinational presence, a strategic advantage in doing business with us. German and English-speaking staff are here to answer any questions you may have.
ratiokontakt is there to meet any demand of a company’s IT needs. Please contact us at info@ratiokontakt.com, (305)504-7000 or at www.ratiokontakt.com.

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