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Almere 1321JS

Phone:+31 636 400 893 Fax:N/A
SeiMaxim is the leading provider of domain name registration, dedicated servers, premium web hosting services and SSL certificates. Buy Linux and Windows servers hosted on our highly-efficient, stable and secure IAAS infrastructure.

Our dedicated servers manufactured by HP, Dell and Supermicro are highly stable, extremely powerful and form the core of our high performance computing infrastructure.

Fully redundant storage, network, power and cooling ensures that you will meet business objectives and growth. Our infrastructure is ideal for your applications that require high-intensity numerical simulations, database operations, web services and data analysis.

Each dedicated server in our data center is equipped with flagship Intel|AMD processors in multiple sockets to meet your project needs. Up to 256GB of Advanced ECC registered RAM ensures stable execution of operating system and your applications. All our dedicated servers are connected through state-of the art Cisco gigabit routers, switches and fiber-optic cables to maintain seamless low-latency connectivity.

Efficient Storage is paramount for the smooth working of operating system and execution of applications. We offer hardware RAID, DAS, NAS and vSAN storage solutions with an exceptional support. For stability and performance our dedicated servers are equipped with enterprise-class SSDs, 15K and 10K SAS hard drives manufactured by HP, IBM and Seagate .

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