Address: Titiaanstraat 22 II
Amsterdam 1077 RH

Phone:N/A Fax:N/A offers a single customizable hosting plan. Because our web hosting account is at the same time a "VPS" (virtual private server) it is versatile, secure and stable.

Simple-webhosting is a young hosting company, founded in 2011. It is based on a combination of two ideas: that shared web hosting should use virtualization, and that one expansible hosting plan should fit everyone's needs.

The complete hosting platform and control panel is self-developed. Although this means we may have less features than some hosting providers, our engineers know exactly what's going on and what we are capable of - leading to better customer support.

Virtualization based on OpenVZ makes our shared web hosting accounts as powerful and secure as VPS hosting. Every customer has their own Virtual Private Server, a virtual environment that provides the functionality of a dedicated server. This is more secure than traditional shared web hosting, and allows for more customization, for the same price.

We accept bitcoin payments!

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