ThaiZone Mail Hosting

ThaiZone Mail Hosting

Gigabeat Co., Ltd.

Address: 7/1 Soi Liapklongpasri Charoen Fang Tai 4
Nongkhaem 10160

Phone:+66 8 18893914 Fax:+66 2 0461499
We provides reliable and affordable email hosting services. offering an unlimited capacity for sending and receiving emails with fully equipped with robust virus protection and advanced email

Using our advanced technology, we offer fast and reliable services with a strong emphasis on top-notch security. This makes us the ideal choice for businesses looking for maximum efficiency in their digital communications. Choose our service to benefit from a hosted email experience that exceeds the standard. We are dedicated to supporting your business every step of the way.

Discover the convenience of our outstanding email filter service, crafted to deliver a seamlessly clutter-free email experience! Our solution is not just dependable but also works swiftly, ensuring a smooth journey through your messages. Say goodbye to the hassle of spam; give our service a try today and enjoy the freedom of a neat and efficient inbox.

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