Tranquil Hosting

Tranquil Hosting

Tranquil Hosting

Address: 500 Gregson Dr
Suite 140
Cary NC 27511
United States

Phone:919-727-9999 Fax:N/A
Why choose us?
We are committed to your success

We know you are not just a number. We believe in tailoring each solution to our clients’ needs, and we will not quit until you are thrilled. Choosing us means reaching a human being when you pick up the phone, getting an answer when you send an email and seeing all the functionality of your website every time you type in that URL.

What we offer
Individual attention, custom technology

Whether you need to co-locate a mission-critical server, find a new home for your web presence or send all your business processes up to the cloud, our portfolio of hosting services has something for you. We offer fully managed, fully configurable servers which means we will work with you to make sure your solution is properly configured to your specifications. Whether you want to turn the key and go or have virtual access to your servers on a daily basis, our managed hosting platform has exactly what you need.

We have also expanded our service portfolio to assist customers with getting customers the right connectivity options they need to their office or datacenter locations. Leveraging relationships with our carrier partnes, we can offer competitive managed connectivity solutions to deliver high bandwidth dedicated Internet access or multi-site private connectivity.

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