UGB Hosting

UGB Hosting

UGB Hosting OÜ

Address: UGB Hosting OÜ 12104489 Maslovi 1, 20104 Narva, Estonia


Phone:+372 6007606 Fax:N/A
Dedicated server Xeon E5 with 1Gbps connection port, starting from 299€!

We are glad to introduce you our project - UGB Hosting. We are offering Dedicated servers with with unshared 10Gbps ports in Estonia.

We are specializing on providing resources for high-bandwidth projects. Our server are suitable for streaming, file sharing, CDN networks, adult project or simply for storing your sensitive data on EU territory.

Our major internet TIER1 provider - Telia Sonera, as a reserve - Linxtelecom(CITIC). Level3 и RETN are in negiciation process.

Our pros:

- Excellent geographical location, minimal pings to Russia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia;
- 100% reasonable abuse policy! You will have plenty of time for reaction;
- Professional Supermicro hardware;
- Possibillity of 2 10Gbps connection on each server;
- 24/7 IPMI-KVM included!

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