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Since 1994 Ultima has been providing server and network solutions for it's corporate clients. In 2005 Ultima lauched it's own hosting brand in response to a lack of hosting options which catered to professional develpers. Ultima Hosts was initially designed to host Ultima's current clients but rapidly grew into one of the world's most successful hosting providers.

Ultima expanded it's Windows service offering in April 2007 with the launch of it's London based Windows server and support services. In July 2007 Ultima again expanded it's international services by offering Windows shared, VPS, dedicated servers and colocation from Melbourne. In 2009 Ultima continues to expand with it's latest project of providing cheap high quality data services throughout Australia.

Ultima is also planning on offering hosting services in Canada, Germany and Singapore in 2010.

Our support staff are all part owners in the company and are located through the globe from London, Melbourne and Montevideo. Whether it's early in the morning or late at night you are sure to get a timely knowledgeable response.

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