Address: 30 Saint Mary's Park Road
Portishead, Bristol BS20 6SL
United Kingdom

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Build your own website using the WordPress website builder. No programming knowledge is required.

WordPress is currently used on 1/3 of all websites that exist in the world, totalling over 75 million websites.

Unlike other hosting companies, we offer UNLIMITED SSD web storage space, UNLIMITED bandwidth, and a FREE SSL certificate (this gives you a https address and tells Google and other search engines that your website is safe and secure for your visitors). We do NOT cap or limit the anything if we can prevent it, and give all of our customers full control of their website via a highly advanced Control Panel.

Websites with load approximately 17x faster than normal websites because we host every website on SSD drives instead of hard-drives (which is what the majority of other hosting companies use).

Our WordPress hosting plan installs WordPress automatically for you so you can simply focus on building your website without any other concerns. WordPress is the world's most recognised and most popular website builder and is recognised by Google, Bing, and other search engines for making user-friendly and powerful websites with little knowledge.

Besides giving every customer unlimited storage and bandwidth, we also give them the ability to create unlimited 1 GB MySQL databases, so however large your website becomes, we can certainly accommodate for it and we will NOT increase charges based higher usage.

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