VPSie Inc.

Address: 75 Clinton St
United States

Phone:(844)468-7743 Fax:1844.46.VPSie
VPSie True Cloud Hosting made SIMPLE:

VPSie is a reliable platform – Built on enterprise class servers located is multiple Tier3+ datacenter and we are adding more datacenter as we grow. This way we can assure our clients that their websites are getting the most uptime possible

First automation provider to deliver dedicated firewall per client and AWS like features in simple clicks.

Live chat, Live support, Flexible packages, Fast SSD storage, USA and EU locations.


Instant activation.
30 seconds VPSie creation.
Public IPv4, Public IPv6, Private IP.
Isolated network.
Unmetered private network.
Instant snapshot.
On-demand Backups.
Daily automatic backups.
Clone template options.
Restore features.
Additional IPs (public, Private) one click.
Direct console access.
Full screen console access.
DNS management.
rDNS management.
Reverse DNS IPv4, IPv6.
Resize individual resources, Increase / decrease resources at anytime.
Hourly billing.
Live phone support.
Live chat support.
20 minutes ticket response,
All common Linux favors.
Custom ISO upload.
Windows server 2008.
Windows Server 2012 R2.
Private network.
Dedicated firewall.
Dedicated port forward.
Selective internet access.
Pre-made applications.
One click cPanel, Wordpress, Zenoss , ClearOS and many more.
Utilization graphs in real time.
Alerts and account audits.
WHMCS module.
API support.

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