Web Hosting Interview - Arvixe June 2009

Web Hosting Interview - Arvixe June 2009

Arvand Sabetian, an owner of Arvixe

Arvixe is a fast-growing web hosting company with growing numbers of satisfied customers. We catch up with Arvand Sabetian and ask him about the company's secrets for success.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Hi Arvand, thank you for giving us an opportunity to talk with you today.
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Hello and thank you for providing me with an opportunity to outline Arvixe's current and future plans.
  • HOSTSEARCH: First of all, can you please tell us about yourself and your roles at Arvixe?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: I've been involved with hosting for the last 10 years. As the owner of Arvixe, I handle both senior level support issues as well as the day to day operation of Arvixe.

    I would say that to a consumer in any field, nothing is more pleasing than to deal with a company where the owner not only handles the management of the company but is also able to address high-level customer support concerns if the need arises.
  • HOSTSEARCH: I've noticed that you have several product lines. Can you please tell us which is your core product?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Our core product line is shared web hosting. On our website, you will notice several different classes. Every single class (including BusinessClass) is a shared web hosting product except for DedicatedClass. I would say that throughout the last 6 years of our operations, we've mastered the concept of shared web hosting and have dealt with a variety of issues placing our customer support as one of the best in the industry.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Great, any plans to expand to other area of hosting, such as VPS?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Yes. But not under the Arvixe brand. Arvixe will continue to stay a shared web hosting provider and will expand into VPS and dedicated-only hosting under a different brand.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Talking about the current economic situation, are you facing the downturn? How do you view this crisis effecting hosting business in general?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Arvixe is doing better than ever. Our recent growth has been phenomenal. I would say that the web hosting industry as a whole hasn't slowed down and is continuing to grow.  With more and more people turning toward online marketing, web design and advertising to supplement their income, shared web hosting has stayed a very busy and competitive field.
  • HOSTSEARCH: You have pretty good reviews on HostSearch. What's your secret to win customer satisfactions?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Quality Communication and Service. For communication to exist between our customers and support staff members, we need to be honest and available. Availability of our support staff members to address every concern has been our major success point. Also, communication by itself is not enough if our support staff is not properly trained. We use highly trained, knowledgeable staff members to provide quality communication with every hosting plan we sell.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What can we expect from Arvixe in the future? What are your short-term goals?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: We are quite busy expanding our products and services. Immediate plans include expanding the business to different countries. By providing localized support and web hosting products in a specific country's local currency, we'll be able to extend the award winning Arvixe support to more customers around the globe.

    Furthermore, we plan on launching several different brands to provide everything from VPS hosting to Business/Zimbra email  and much later on VoIP.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Well, thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to talk with you today.
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Thank you.

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