Web Hosting Interview - Arvixe October 2012

Web Hosting Interview - Arvixe October 2012

Arvand Sabetian, an owner of Arvixe

HostSearch interviewed Arvand Sabetian, an owner of Arvixe - a fast-growing web hosting company with growing numbers of satisfied customers.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Hi Arvand, thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk with you again. The last time HostSearch has interviewed you was in 2009, could you please tell us what have changed since then?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Certainly. We’ve been quite busy in the last 3 years and have grown tremendously as a result of it. We’ve been ranked in 2011 and 2012’s Inc 500, placing us amongst 500 of the fastest growing companies in the US. We’ve also solidified our VPS offering within the HyperV platform and are seeing a huge reception of the offering through word of mouth.

    We’ve also worked greatly in continuing to upkeep the great support our customers were used to when we were smaller. As we are a virtual company, large amount of time and automation has gone into making sure that support staff and management have the reporting and the structure to provide the highest level of service possible to our customer base.
  • HOSTSEARCH: I noticed you offer Social Network and Community Website hosting. Can you please explain to our visitors the difference between them?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: We are a web host. So, we make it our goal to do just that ~ host Websites. We try to make sure that our customers have the latest tools and environment at their disposal to host whatever they want, whenever they want. And social networking software is a part of that.

    Social networking software refers to software that was written for the purpose of giving the consumer a quick and easy way to start a social network. By partnering with software such as Boonex Dolphin, Elgg, Socialengine, and skadate, we make sure that we not only have an environment already optimized for customers that wish to use such software but also the support resources they need when and if they have questions or problems.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What's your current core service?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Our core services remain our PersonalClass (linux) and PersonalClass ASP (windows) shared hosting products. We recognize the need for quality affordable hosting in the marketplace. And even to date, there is no better way to truly achieve this but with shared/virtual hosting. So we spend hundreds of hours a month, looking to improve the quality and value of our shared hosting service and to drive down the price of it.

    Of course, shared hosting is not for everyone. Which is why we have our BusinessClass, VPSClass and DedicatedClass for the individuals and businesses that require something specific, be it a stronger environment due to their traffic or a customized one due to their software/development needs.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Are you heading in to Cloud?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Everyone is already on the Cloud.

    We are continuing to evaluate any and all fully redundant solutions. And as soon as it is feasible, we’ll be making a fully redundant cost effective solution available to our customers. We don’t take the word redundancy lightly. Therefore, if Arvixe ever offers a cloud solution, it will be a fully redundant solution without the possibility of downtime (unlike what many “cloud” offerings have suffered to date).  
  • HOSTSEARCH: In 2009, you mentioned the expansion of your business globally. Did you succeed in doing so and did you run in to any difficulties along the way?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: We have made quite a bit of progress. Close to 50% of our customers are outside of the US and plans are underway to offer a local online presence in many countries within the next year.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Based on your hosting industry experience, what is the most important element for a good hosting company? Please give some advices to our visitors who are new to the web hosting industry.
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Value. Value is a great single element because it addresses quality of support, quality of hardware/network, added services, etc. at the lowest price possible.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What’s the core benefit of hosting with Arvixe? What do customers like about your company?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Since day one, I’ve kept lines of communication open between our customers and our staff in as many fashions as possible. We can be reached through email, live chat and phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during holidays. On top of that, we employ some of the best personnel in the hosting industry. Our recruitment process is designed around bringing those who can truly benefit our customers the most and we are proud to see its effect on a daily basis.

    Even at our current larger size, our customers have direct access to the highest level of management through our QA mail box (qa .at. arvixe.com) and phone extension/voicemail (3). Many customers also email me email me directly to get a response in regards to something that needs my immediate attention. Not many companies with 100+ staff members can say that.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What level of support do you provide? Can you please tell us more about how Arvixe supports the customers?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: I believe it was discussed in the last answer.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Do you have any other changes or additions to your service in this coming year?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Not much that will be noticeable directly at arvixe.com. However, we have been working hard to tap into specific sectors where we believe we can reach the most number of users/customers to make sure everyone is aware of the high quality offering we have available for them.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Where do you see the industry in 5 years? What will it look like and what will Arvixe be doing for it?
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Shared hosting will remain as is. And VPS/Cloud offerings will continue to cater to the specific customers that require the flexibility of such offerings. However, through greater innovation, shared hosting will become more and more reliable.

    At some point, hosting will be a necessity for every single person out there, the key is to provide them the necessity with the highest amount of reliability at a per month price equal to a cup of coffee. And have no doubt the demand will be there to fuel the end result.
  • HOSTSEARCH: We look forward to see your expansion in the coming years and we look forward to talk with you again. Thank you very much for an opportunity to talk with you today!
    ARVAND SABETIAN: Thanks for the time.

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