Web Hosting Interview - Codero October 2011

Web Hosting Interview - Codero October 2011

Jonathan Ewert, CEO of Codero

HostSearch interviewed Jonathan Ewert who is a CEO of Codero - a leading provider of optimized infrastructure. Codero creates flexible and scalable environments using dedicated, managed and cloud hosting.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Jonathan, thank you so much for an opportunity to talk with you today. Can you please tell us how did you start with Codero?
    JONATHAN EWERT: I came to Codero in May 2010 in the position of Interim CEO. I was named President and CEO of Codero in November, 2010. Prior to Codero, I was the SVP of Corporate Development for LookSmart (NASDAQ: LOOK) and also served as the company's General Manager. Before that, I served as the CEO of ePALS Classroom Exchange until the sale of the company and as Vice President of Marketing for Modem Media (NASDAQ: MMPT), where I lead the preparation and positioning of the company and the executives for Modem's successful IPO. I have also served in a variety of management roles at Infoseek Corp. until the sale of the company to Disney Corp. (NYSE: DIS).
  • HOSTSEARCH: That's interesting. What is the difficult part of your job?
    JONATHAN EWERT: In today’s rapidly-changing IT climate, defining Codero’s future in helping our customers succeed can be a challenge. The future of web hosting is wide open. Codero’s primary emphasis is on dedicated and managed servers, that’s been our foundation for over a decade, but it does not stop there. Codero can now provide cost-effective hybrid infrastructure solutions that require no capital investment or additional staffing. We are focused on what’s right for the enterprise, not what’s right for us. Codero continues to embrace the challenge of creating innovative ways to leverage multiple technologies in our customers favor so they ultimately can cut and control costs.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Codero has been in the web hosting industry for over 19 years. What have been your successful records from then (1992) until now?
    JONATHAN EWERT: Codero has been recognized with multiple industry awards in the dedicated and managed hosting industry and has achieved a number of business milestones, including SAS Type II certification, PCI compliance, and Microsoft Gold Certification.

    Supported by a seasoned staff with years of international experience in the hosting business, we continue to be strategically focused on scalability and controlling costs for customers.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What are the main products and services of the company?
    JONATHAN EWERT: Dedicated servers and managed hosting are the cornerstone of our hosting business accompanied by Cloud hosting for on-demand scaling. We have had tremendous response to our managed services offering since we launched it and we continually use feedback from our customers to evaluate managed hosting to enhance it to assist their needs as they grow.  We accommodate customer expectations by offering them the ability to select from multiple plans. We offer three flexible plans with a distinct set of services to help customers reduce their total administration costs and improve the efficiency of their servers. Each plan has basic services, but the customer has the ability to customize the plan to their personal needs by picking from our a la carte services. Some users like the flexibility of being able to retain root access to their servers while still having DNS software patches. This is a distinguishing feature of the Codero managed hosting service. We offer root access in our basic plan. Within our premium managed plan, we also offer application troubleshooting.
  • HOSTSEARCH: I noticed that Codero launched disaster recovery with off-site EVault storage. What are the benefits to your customers?
    JONATHAN EWERT: The benefits are numerous. Codero’s solution is ideal to help avoid data loss. Disaster Recovery (DR) from Codero can be created by adding EVault off-site storage to a server or by adding EVault off-site storage to load balanced servers. Customers can set their own data backup schedules and can pay for only the storage used. There are no setup fees. The benefit of our off-site backup solution can help ensure business continuity of mission-critical applications, data, hardware and communications in the event of an unplanned service failure or disaster. DR helps businesses of all sizes boost the reliability of their backup strategies.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Codero's Green initiatives extend to Cloud hosting. Please tell us more about "How Cloud Computing is Green?"
    JONATHAN EWERT: As far as Cloud computing, Codero Cloud is designed as a better utilization of server resources. Cloud has more efficient power consumption and less over all waste of energy. We’ve put together an easy-to-read infographic with powerful statistics that tell the story of how green Cloud really is. Our Cloud hosting is designed to allow you to focus your attention more on your business, not the intricacies of web hosting. It provides the benefit of scalability as traffic demands, so Codero Cloud is a cost-effective alternative to other hosting solutions.  We have also designed it to be flexible to meet your exact needs.... we offer both a monthly or hourly plan. You can increase resources and create one or 100 Cloud VM instances and have them ready in a matter of minutes.

    Codero is also proud to offer eco-friendly hosting. We utilize the latest technologies to lower the environmental cost of server hosting without compromising on the performance. Power supplies in the Codero data center have been updated with the purchase of 80 Plus certified power supplies and have reduced energy consumption by 25-30%. In addition, we offer customers an affordable way for them to further reduce their carbon footprint with the Codero Green Server Bundle.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Last question, how do you differentiate your services in a competitive market?
    JONATHAN EWERT: We have several differentiators. Our customer loyalty program is one way our company is distinguished from other hosting providers. Through the Codero Rewards Program, customers can upgrade to items they may need without spending more money. For every dollar you spend with Codero, you earn free points that are good towards upgrading your dedicated server, firewall or online backup solution. In addition, Codero has various offers and specials each month based on what the market currently demands. On an every-day basis, a Price Match Challenge is available to competitively price our products and services. It’s a guarantee that we will match or beat any price received from a hosting competitor. The low-cost solutions on the most current technology set us apart as well and are what keep our customers highly satisfied.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Thank you for a wonderful talk. We wish you success in the coming years.

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