Web Hosting FAQs - Macintosh Web Hosting

Q: What is a Macintosh Server?

A: A Macintosh Server is one which uses server software from Apple. Apple's latest version of server software is Mac OS X Server. Taking its place with Windows NT, Novell NetWare, and Linux, Mac OS X Server provides file and print sharing, a Web server, and multimedia content streaming services to Apple Macintosh-based networks.

A Macintosh Server can perform most tasks as well as any other platform. Mac OS X includes the popular Unix web server apache enabling you to use Perl, PHP, and a range of other scripts on your website.

Q: What are the advantages of hosting your site on a Macintosh Server?


The Macintosh platform is more secure than any other platform. In test after test, hackers have been specifically employed to crack into a Macintosh server; they have met with no success. Further, the very file system that Macintosh uses prevents a hacker from cracking the tree structure at all. Without that rather important piece of information, it is impossible for the hacker to get into the system and even begin to do damage. For example, in an effort to increase security, the US Army has switched from Windows NT to a Mac server

URL Case insensitivity
In most web environments, your URL is case sensitive. In other words, if your URL reads www.yourcompay.com/Document.html and a user types in www.yourcompany.com/document.html the web server will return a File Not Found error. A Macintosh disregards the capital "D" and serves the page as intended.

Familiar Tools
Most Mac tools/software are easy to use and for those who are used to working on a Mac you are able to use those familiar programs (Filemaker Pro) or scripts (Applescript). There is no steep learning curve in adjusting to a new platform and learning new programs.

Q: What are the disadvantages of hosting your site on a Macintosh Server?


Hosting on a Macintosh server is more expensive than on either Unix or Windows NT. Also, due to the limited number of hosting companies with Macintosh servers your options are restricted if you have problems and need to find a new hosting company.

Limited Tools & Software
Unlike other operating systems, Mac servers are not popular and are used by a limited number of users. Therefore, there are limited tools and software available in the market. If you wish to use the popular Microsoft Access databases on a Macintosh server then you will be out of luck. You will need to use a Mac OS database, such as Filemaker Pro.

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