Web Hosting FAQs - Reseller Web Hosting

Q: What is a Reseller?

A: A reseller is a seller of web host accounts. Being a reseller you are able to establish your own brand name and control the features, pricing and content of the packages that you offer. It means you also have full control of the marketing and sales strategy.

Q: Who can be a reseller?

A: Web developers, VARs, system integrators and others who provide Internet business solutions to their customers. Actually, everyone who has a general understanding of web hosting and the ability to interact with customers in a positive matter can be a reseller since most of the job is Customer Services.

Q: Where should I start?

A: How can I become a reseller? The first thing you need to do to become a reseller is find a web host provider you are satisfied with and can trust to provide a respectable level of support. This is very important because you are dependent on the web host provider to create a reputation of customer satisfaction. Once this is done, you just follow the registration procedures of the web host provider to setting up the account. You will be asked to fill out their application. When the account is set up, then you create your website to sell your services and good luck.

Q: Why should I choose a reseller program?

A: A reseller program offers you the opportunity to start and maintain a business with a minimum startup cost. It means being a reseller you can generate additional income from your web site.

Becoming a reseller has many benefits. Here are the examples:
  • Minimal Initial Investment
  • Do not have to maintain equipment
  • Can set own prices
  • Can provide other services in conjunction with reselling
  • Have access to hosting small, medium and large sites
  • Do not need to update/upgrade at will
  • Do not need a wealth of technical knowledge
  • Increased flexibility
  • Saving on overall hosting costs
  • Develop a premiere reputation if customers are satisfied; which will develop into customer loyalty
  • Web Server Administration is the responsibility of the actual Web Host Provider

Q: What technical expertise is required to become a reseller?

A: Most web host companies will provide technical support for your clients. However, basic knowledge in the use of HTML and scripting languages, familiarization with FTP/publishing utilities, knowledge of sending/receiving email and administration of POP accounts, ability to register new domain names as well as edit existing domain records for your customers are necessary.

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