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LJ Graham

I just asked the hosting agent today about the domain addon, and the reply is very quick. They explained their website maintenance operation and in eliminating fraudulent sites subscribing their company. I highly recommend them!

Services Period: Past customer during May, 2008 - April, 2009


Host must be managed by High School Students.

Company Response: Bought our old host and knowingly placed us on a bad server.(Pluto)Poor/Rude customer Service.

Kirk Saewert

VERY quick response to outages when notified

Company Response: Networks using SPEWS will not accept mail from domains hosted here. Incoming mail works fine.

Lahav Levi

The best customer service, 100% uptime, affordable planes, uses both platforms, recmmended to all!

Company Response: N/A


They have great plans for CHEAP. You can even resell accounts for $20 a month.

Company Response: No access to error logs, email logs. Stats program (Webalizer) is really weak.

Joel Voorman

Excellent Uptime (near 100%), propmt,friendly,personal support

Company Response: n/a


Super service all around.

Company Response: N/A

Andreas Kluwer

Best customer service, reliable servers, great uptime, simply great hosting!

Company Response: N/A

bill good

great extra features, cheap, gives you e-mail security updates all the time

Company Response: had problems, but once he got the new platform everything was fixed

Roger Heath


Company Response: Site has been down a week after sale to globalwebhosting. No phone number for support.

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    • Reliability/Uptime
    • Technical Support
    • Customer Service & Billing
    • Server & Network Speed
    • Price & Value for Money

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