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Matt Kotz

I can personally recommend eMegaWeb.net as a host where you won't go wrong. I have been hosted with them for some time now and have had very few problems. The problems that I did have were corrected quickly.

Services Period: Past customer during August, 2003 - January, 2005

Stephen King


Company Response: several service outages, during which customer service completely ignored all calls and e-mails.



Company Response: Terrible support, our e-mail was down for 5 days without response.

Nelson Pavlosky

megaweb.net made and hosted our website, and they were friendly and effective the whole time.

Company Response: They don't have perfect 24/7 support, but you'd never know it. They reply to email at very odd hours

Ryan W

Fast Customer service, nice support, speedy set-up, cheap prices, what more can you ask for??

Company Response: No Cons!

Dimitri Luzin

The best value for the money. Absolutely flawless peformance.

Company Response: None.

Matt Lonegren

Great customer support. I emailed them for help and within 24 hours I had my answer.

Company Response: As of now... none :)

Robert Dowling,Jr.

Exceptional service for my needs. Never aproblem and they are quick to reply to any question.

Company Response: Support forums at times can take a while to get a reply.


Excellent Technical Support, Contacted within hours. Fast servers A+++

Company Response: N/A

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    • Reliability/Uptime
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    • Customer Service & Billing
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