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We expected more
We started using their DDoS protection as per recommendation, we used it for our game server to get protected from minor DDos attacks on digital ocean that we were unable to stop due our lack of knowledge about iptables, and ddos mitigation.

We have to admit that to it works to stop amateur attacks that don't exceed 200MBPS, perhaps up to 500MBPS, they do "ok". You will still experience lags and it will impact your players many times, but otherwise the protection works fine and some attacks also go unnoticed.

Since we started using this service, quite a few players experienced random disconnections and lags, and sometimes even massive disconnects of 10-100 people, happening rather often. Sometimes they would detect "random false positives" and kick legit players, banning the IPs for 1 hour, etc.

Not great, but bearable as per the nature of the service and mostly considering is supposed to be there to protect you in the event of a real threat... or not.

The "best part" was when we got hit by a proper DDoS attack. It reached up to 60GBPS and even though we had protection of up to 100GBPS, our server did not survive. They blocked access to the IP of our machine, because "the attack was so strong that it was impacting other clients". They said attack was 600+GBPS (hard to believe), despite their monitoring tool was showing the size as 60GBPS, and despite we later on found out about the attacker and he admitted he sent around 50GBPS. They used that as an excuse to literally kick us off, saying they cannot provide service to us as it's too risky for them to host us.

They blocked us from accessing to our machine and but thankfully we had a secondary IP that was working after attacks has stopped and they said it was OK to use it. However, the next day, they shut it down without notice, leaving us completely helpless with a downtime in our services for no justified reason.
Happy to provide proof of everything if needed.
Summarising: avoid if you can, by all

Services Period: Past customer during March, 2020 - January, 2021


DDoS Protection
I'm using HyperFilter servers for 5 months and running TeamSpeak3 application. We never go down. Always helping friendly support team, good engineers and they're constantly producing solutions. They really do deserve money..

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since January, 2019

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