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Don't get trapped by their false promises
I purchased a business subscription with a 1 yr free domain name in 2019 in a discounted price and with a promise of fixed renewal amount for lifetime. I renewed my plan in 2020 by more than double of the purchased amount as per agreement we had. But suddenly they broke their promise and increased the renewal amount again in 2021, august! The domain was free for 1 year only as per their invoice I got and also got a separate invoice last year when renewed, and now the domain is not active in MochaHost but still they show my domain in my account and deny to delete it, neither any deduction amount is calculated for not having the domain active, even they increased more!
Almost every time I contacted their customer service, but never got proper answers, solutions from them. They got most worst, rude and unprofessional customer representatives ever! Yesterday I was requested to send an email to a certain email address in details, and I sent the mail explaining everything with bill numbers and all. Now they say they cannot change the renewal amount as promised. Neither my questions answered that why they promised a fixed renewal amount at the time of purchase and now they just increased it. Even I requested to remove the inactive domain name from my account which is transferred month ago but they denied to remove it whether they charged me last year separately for the domain. And now demanding more money for renewal without even having my domain with them.

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since September, 2019


Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs. I've been waiting for a response from the managers of the bonus program for a month now. In the chat they answer that they passed the information to the managers, but no one answered my questions and the bonus was not credited to my account. I strongly advise against using the bonus program of this company. Cheaters

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since January, 2018

Mike Law

Screwed up on my sign up and then they keep delaying
when I try to cancel immediate and get the promised (written) refund.

Services Period: Past customer during December, 2020 - December, 2020


They can delete your files irrevocably and block your site
I have been using their hosting for 2 years. At one point, the site stopped opening, it turned out that files with .aspx pages in the root of the site were deleted. She answered all my questions like "yes, we had problems with the servers, restore your pages yourself, through google history", but the fact that these are dynamic pages and they are impossible. I had to roll back to a backup half a year ago (the freshest one we managed to find)
When I started to express myself "sharply" in requests for technical support, they turned off the site for a week! wrote "it was insulting".
So if you want to suddenly delete your files, lack of support and blocking due to a reasonably sharp support request - use mocha host

Services Period: Past customer during March, 2010 - March, 2012

Doraemon Y.

NEVER Recommend
Usually I rarely give negative reviews, but the MocahHost really really deserves it!!!

1. Hosting itself not bad, if to host non-business websites.
The price is really cheap enough. The speed of network is so-so , neither very good nor very bad. Downtime happened time to time, about 96.5%~99.0% uptime in fact.
Therefore, if people host small website or development purposes, it maybe okay.

2.Hell-like support team!!!
Cheap prices but really lousy support. It's really a nightmare support! The WORST technical support EVER!!
Hey most of the time talk to you rudely instead of understanding the customers problem.
They have templates like copy/ paste on how they are answering on your issues. Most of time, the support is a joke. You have to wait and goes through several loops of request and answer to get hold level-2 support.
Late responses, sometimes up to 24 hours for urgent tickets, and they don't bother helping you, not even looking at your issues. Maintain a sloppy attitude towards urgent ticket.

3.Bad support for SSL.
In today's Internet environment, HTTPS become standard.
In a word: Before work in easy way. But Now, there is no way you can use that "Free SSL certificate" that came with your package! Unless the support team feels good and is up to help you, you will never have the https behind your domain name.

and so on...

Finally, mmm... Many reasons and facts make us feel frustrated.
We cannot get the refund due to we not meets the "180 Days Risk Free" and "30 Days Money Back" ( because we use more than 2.5 years ).
Even though had 1 year remaining of our plan, we HAVE TO give up and already moved all websites to another hosting provider.

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since March, 2018

deepak gautam

worst server and worst support ever i seen
worst server and worst support ever i seen

never recommencement any one to take service also they offer

Lightning Fast Guarantee is fake my site was load in 10+ secs

also 30 days money back guaranty is fake they not refund money said money not re

Services Period: Past customer during November, 2019 - December, 2019


they suspend business account without any reasonable reasons
My account was suspended without a valid reason but luckily it was just a testing website. Definitely not recommended for business use otherwise would be a disaster!

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since September, 2019

Andrzej Majewski

The worst hosting in my life
I have never seen before the worst hosting. It is extremely slow, support is useless, errors 503 all the time website is down completely. If you have a business, better forget about Mochahost. You will lose money and customers.

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since August, 2018

maen abbasi

Lose your business with MOCHAHOST
in your life never ever trust this company, ever ever ever. the main server is down means almost all business is down , more than 20 servers are down for more than 32 hours and still counting

Services Period: Past customer during February, 2013 - July, 2019

Amidu Adebayo

Great services rendered
Very fast in attending to their customers' issues reported

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since May, 2019

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