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Radio Host Co

Horrible. Them and GetStreaming, the sister company are awful people. They deleted my station overnight without warning and because I had inquiries about the system. Instead of answering it, they cancelled the account. They deleted everything overnight. First off the servers they give you are shared or something not right. Every time a song plays or stops playing, the server goes down and back up and down again. Its annoying thing to hear. They a;lso have no clue how to take the basic meta data off the listing (ie: every stream says 'by stream name' and most of all, they literally just cancelled my account when I inquired about the following and in the following way...instead of answering and dealing with following issues, they cancelled my account overnight. They could NOT deal so without warning, they just pulled everything offline. Total amateur hour and just cruddy to do to anyone else....if you want that hanging over you head all day and all night that if they cant deal with an issue, they close down the site? I never even got notification. I woke up to NOT being able to login over the following issues....What is that all about? Actually, I cant copy and paste my inquiry off their site and I cant send a screenshot but when I say these are basic issues to work out,for them to just bail and turn off and delete everything is insane to do anyone in this situation. That's what you will have hanging over your head when using this company. Or, trying to use them. Luckily, there are 88,000 other people and companies that did what they do using the same system and platform.

Services Period: Past customer during July, 2020 - July, 2020

Nuno Bernardo

They don't deliver the service as agreed.
And their support is non-existent. They keep saying that they will report to Senior Tech Engineers but nothing happened. They sell a streaming server with a 300Mbps capacity but you can't stream in anything above

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since September, 2018

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