Web Design Tips & Tutorials

The purpose of this section is to offer design tips to new web developers. For new web developers who have decided to establish their very own Internet presence there are a number of things you should think about before you should start designing your website. You can then save yourself the headache of trying to go back and fix problems with your website after it is finished.

Site Planning Tips
Are you struggling with planning your website? HostSearch's site planning tips runs over the important things to think about when planning your website.

Site Design Tips
Are you after some web design tips? Designing a website is no easy task. There are a number of things to consider and HostSearch's Site Design tips will go over the important design tips.

Layout Tips
Does your website load slowly? Having a fast loading web pages is very important because users won't wait around for your web pages to load they will go elsewhere. HostSearch's goes over the important Layout tips for your to think about.

Page Design Tips
Do your web pages not look right? When designing your web pages it is important that you realize that there is much more to effective page design than simply creating a nice looking page.

Navigation Tips
Can users find their way around your website? Websites which are easy to navigate will keep users once they arrive as they will be able to use the information on your website more effectively and won't feel frustrated.

Introduction to HTML
Do you know what HTML is? HTML stands for for Hyper Text Markup Language and all web pages are written in HTML. HostSearch's Introduction to HTML gives you a brief introduction to what is HTML.

HTML for Beginners
Do you know how to code your web pages in HTML? If not, have a look at our tutorial for beginners which will show you how to code your web pages in HTML. HostSearch's HTML Tutorial will show you how to code your first page in HTML.

Do you know what frames are? No, we are not talking about picture frames. Frames are a useful navigation tool for web designers to use on their website. HostSearch's Frames Tutorial goes over the basics of frames and how to code them.

Are you interested in using tables on your website? Tables are easy to use and still one of the most effective ways of laying out text on your website. HostSearch's Tables Tutorials gives you examples on how to code tables and what they can do for your website.

HTML Quick Reference

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