Expandnig Your Store with PinnacleCart

July 12, 2012 by WebNet Hosting
Expandnig Your Store with PinnacleCart
Locating a hot market to sell your wares is one thing; making it a convenience for your customers is another. So combine the two and you get PinnacleCart: an e-commerce shopping cart platform designed for you to sell where your customers are. So where would these customers be? Of course they’re either on the web, mobile, and Facebook. Combining 3 stores in one can give you a better outlet in serving and reaching out to a wider audience.

No doubt social media has affected the way we all communicate and receive information. So suppose your store caters to a certain crowd, for example, you sell running shoes. Then why not use Facebook as a platform to virally inform people of your store’s existance? Use it to drive potential customers to your store. PinnacleCart allows users to “like” your products, making it visible on their friends’ newsfeed. in addition, you can also share on Twitter, Google Buzz, and more. Driving sales on your store can also be done via mobile. PinnacleCart enhances your site to be viewed optimally on a mobile device such as iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Expanding your storefront means reaching out to a wider audience by means of appealing to a wider audience. PinnacleCart gives you all the tools you’ll need to sell, promote, and make it a pleasure for customers to browse your products. But first and foremost, you’ll need a host or server to run your store.

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