Getting Started with OSCommerce Shopping Cart

July 3, 2012 by WebNet Hosting
Getting Started with OSCommerce Shopping Cart
It's been over 12 years since the launch of OScommerce Shopping Cart, an open source e-commerce solution. The platform remains rich with content and user support with a growing community of store owners and developers. Community involvement includes contribution of new features, technical suport, documentation, as well as bug fixing.

The design and layout of OSCommerce is template structured to allow for changes to be adaptive, easy, and quick to make as well as easy to integrate into an existing site. The administrative and backend functionality of OSCommerce includes add, edit, and remove categories, products, customers, and reviews. It also supports backup and database restores. Language barriers and localizations are also not a problem as there is multilingual and multicurrency support. OSCommerce supports automatic currency exchange rates and implementation of tax based on country and state . On the other hand, the frontend functionality of OSCommerce, among other features, allows for customers to view their order history, secure transactions, fast and quick product searchs, and breadcrumb trails for easier site navigation.

Setting up OS Commerce is simple but the first and most important step is finding a PCI-Compliant business web hosting provider. PCI-Compliancy is now a requirement and the fines can get pretty hefty if you are not hosted with a PCI-Compliant provider.

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