ZenCart Hosting & Features

June 28, 2012 by WebNet Hosting
ZenCart Hosting & Features
If you`re looking into ecommerce and the many different platforms that are available, consider ZenCart, the online store management system. It is an open source shopping cart software, designed to be simple and user-friendly. Some of the more prominent features of Zen Cart include working with both PHP and MySQL technologies, advanced template system using stylesheet and images, and being able to keep your products or catalog updated without any html coding knowledge.

Support and tutorials for ZenCart are readily available via their main site. This includes a thorough and useful wiki page as well as an active user content generated support forum where technical questions can get addressed. In Addition, customizing your sites can easily be done with Zen Cart’s template feature. This enables users to give the site multiple appearances. For example, seasonal themes. Customizing templates is an easy process as the wiki page is full of in-depth tutorials to guide you through the.

Maintaining your catalog is also a straightforward process, as it’s simply a matter of accessing the self-explanatory Admin menu. ZenCart also allows your site to have reviews, downloadable items, featured product listing, and even gift certificates. Modules allow your ZenCart site to install, edit or disable payment processing systems, shipping, and order total. Moreover, the localization feature allows you to add available countries in which you sell your products, define tax.

The ZenCart Hosting community is a robust user and content generated support group. From technical questions to plugins that make ZenCart Hosting even more unique. Its important to find a reliable ZenCart hosting company, as hosting a ecommerce site such as ZenCart is much more complicated and resource intensive than hosting a basic website. More importantly make sure the web host is PCI-Compliant, PCI-Compliancy is now a requirement but all merchant providers, and the fines can get pretty hefty if you are not hosted with a PCI-Compliant web hosting provider.

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