20i Ltd

Address: Hawthorn House
Southwell Road West
Mansfield NG210HJ
United Kingdom

Phone:03333442720 Fax:N/A
The founders of 20i, John and Tim Brealey, are veterans of the web hosting and domain industries. Before founding 20i in 2016, they were responsible for 3 very successful companies: Webfusion, Heart Internet and 123-reg.

In 2016 the brothers founded 20i. Their ambition was to create a web hosting company that works with its clients as partners: to provide them with the necessary tools and platform from which to grow their business together, for everyone’s benefit. They were to do this with combination of cutting-edge technology, talented developers and a UK support team of hosting experts.

Do you want more freedom than shared hosting? Then try our virtual private server (VPS) range. These are based on powerful hardware: fast CPUs, 100% SSD storage, range from 1 GB to 16 GB RAM. Like all our hosting, they're UK-based. You can choose between Managed VPS - where you can get all the best features of our cloud web hosting on a managed platform - or Self-Managed, where you have more freedom to install what what you choose.

Users can choose whether they have their websites hosted in the UK or the USA, while Resellers can opt to have customers hosted in both countries.

All our web hosting is based on servers powered by 100% renewable energy - so you can be sure that you're not harming the planet as well: https://www.20i.com/green-hosting

Try out 20i today. You won't be disappointed.

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