Address: S├Ągereistrasse 29
Glattbrugg 8152

Phone:+41 44 585 3907 Fax:+41 44 732 60 43
CloudSigma provides an innovative Instrastructure-as-a-Service product that enables customers to create, resize, start and stop virtual servers via a web interface or API.

Unlike other cloud computing platforms, CloudSigma offers greater levels of security and flexibility. Use any operating system you like, create servers with any combination of CPU, RAM and storage. Directly FTP in your disk images and FTP out data whenever you like.

Benefit from competitive subscription or our unique dynamic burst pricing mechanism that adapts to the utilisation of our cloud. Subscribe to our price feeds using RSS and always be up to date with our latest subscription and burst prices. We bill in Swiss Francs, Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds.

Hosted in the market leading Interxion data centre near Z├╝rich, CloudSigma benefits from Switzerland's strict privacy and data protection laws. In addition CloudSigma stores all client virtual drives encrypted using an ultra-secure 256bit AES encryption cascade.

Cloud computing and cloud hosting doesn't need to be difficult to use or complicated. Discover cloud computing done right with CloudSigma.

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