White Falcon Communications

Address: W Pender St
Vancouver V7X

Phone:+1.778.251.5548 Fax:N/A
Canadian owned company based in Vancouver that has been providing reliable and affordable VPS and dedicated servers since 2011.
Our servers are located in secure data centers in four countries: Canada and France.
We take the quality of our uplinks very seriously. Every server is connected to uplink with the 100Mbit port; affordable options are available for higher bandwidths. We also offer a streaming service on our dedicated servers.
We run our virtual servers only on the best-in-class powerful equipment, which allows you to kick start your project without worrying about the performance issues.
Our support will help you to find the optimal solution for your project in short time.
We offer most popular operating systems and software solutions, ready for setup on your server.
SSD disks are available both for dedicated (on request) and virtual servers.
If you’d like to try before you buy, we generously offer a 7-day test period for most of our services.

We created the most optimal service plans that suit best for most webmasters, designers and studios. If you are looking for a special tariff – please contact our customer service, and we’ll surely find the solution.

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