Hale Server Web Company, LLC.

Address: Hashmy Street, Near Manufacturing Room, 30st
Irbid 21110

Phone:+962797173860 Fax:N/A
**Hale Server** is a new Web Hosting company specializing in hosting websites on new technology (LiteSpeed SSD-Powered Servers). Hale Server doesn't only provide Web Hosting, but also High Quality Domains, and a lot of premium Web Services.

We, at Hale Server care a lot about Support and Service "When you're happy, We're happy", "We Strive to make you Thrive", We at Hale Server provide Care, Attention, Support to all customers that are in need of help. We also have a 14 day money back guarantee, so nothing can go wrong!

We Provide a lot of free features that cost a lot if bought from the source, like SSL, CloudFlare, R1Soft Backup, and many more.

Our Web Services are amazing, full of life and features. We provide custom logo creations, whether it's a 2D or a 3D logo we will do it for you! We provide free vBulletin or IPB with our complete web services package. We provide you with back links with our Standard and Complete Web Services Packages. We provide premium WordPress Templates for free in our Standard Web Services Package.

We Deliver instantly! Once you finish the payment, your website will be waiting for you.
Our Web Services are delivered in 1 - 3 days maximum (depends on which package).

We love to interact with our customers, when a customer asks a question... we won't say no. Lack of funds? We provide Web Hosting Loans for up to 2 months of web hosting, just contact us through support tickets.

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