Muller Systems

Muller Systems

Muller Systems Corporation

Address: 926 Juliana Drive
Woodstock N4V 1B9

Phone:519-421-1800 Fax:N/A
If you are looking for an environment to host your server infrastructure or business critical applications, then look to Muller Systems.

Our data center provides redundant and backup power supplies and redundant data communications, all environmentally controlled, while providing the security you require for your equipment.

Web Hosting
Our Web Hosting environment is perfect for any small to medium business. We offer both Linux and Windows based Servers, as well as support for the latest Database technologies such as MySQL and SQL Server.
Even WordPress, Drupal and Django frameworks.

If you are looking for a company to design your web site, Muller System can offer you this service as well.

Hosted Exchange
Finding it too expensive to upgrade your own Exchange Server? Look to our Hosted Exchange offering as a robust and cost effective solution for your business!

Server Hosting
If your company requires a secure and robust location to host your server or server farm, Muller Systems can offer you a safe and secure data centre to host your environment. Our Data Center offers redundant Internet feeds, fire suppression, and secure and proper HVAC cooling among other features.

Rack Space
Are you looking for additional rack space outside of your business? Muller Systems Data Center offers Quarter, Half and Full racking options for your equipment.

Hosted Applications
Looking to put your application into the cloud? Our facility has cloud offerings as well for a manageable month

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